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Building a Community Between People and Cultures

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I’m a storyteller. So are you. It is how we connect with other people. Someone will tell a story and you respond with “That reminds me of…” and you proceed to tell a story that both adds to the conversation and provides the listener with a glimpse of who you are.

Stories by Ordinary People is an initiative to provide a safe place where people can tell their story in an audio podcast. As more and more people participate the stories will cover the full spectrum of what it is to be human, which in turn will provide the context to understand another person or culture.

Storytelling - family lore, life and living, laughter and tears.

Just one example is how Stories by Ordinary People got started. Something heard on the news sparked questions about the refugees from Syria who were sponsored to come to Powell River. What was it like to come to a new country with few possessions and not knowing the language or customs?

Using the power of social media, people of every flavor will be invited to share their story and participate in growing the community..

The words, Why? Why Not? in a Meme with a question mark and an exclamation point.

Telling Stories

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