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Let’s talk on Google Hangouts.
Send a message to
to request a date and time for the phone call. Please include your phone number, the subject of the story, a short summary, and a large photo of yourself or the subject matter. Optionally, because this is an interview, include one or two questions to get you started on what you want to say.

Keep in mind, that in addition to your story contributing to this social initiative, it is a way to share your stories with family and friends close by or at a distance.

When telling your story, just be yourself. Don’t worry about what people might think or that it’s not perfect. We are all flawed human beings doing our best in what is too often a chaotic world.

The stories can be long or short and include the full spectrum of the human experience. You can tell us about the personal challenges you face, lore passed down through the generations of your family, or make us laugh with a funny story.

The choices are endless and they’re all yours. Whatever story you choose to tell, and it can certainly be more than one, remember that something you have to say could impact the life of someone else and, as an added bonus, provide the means for a family member or friend to get to know you better.